Vance Joseph gives insight into the rookies and the date they chose.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. The clip below does not cover everything he discussed, so will add a lot of details that is missing from the beginning.

On what was accomplished during rookie orientation

“We had nine hours of football meetings. We had a 40-minute practice today. In my opinion, that’s enough as far as the football parts. The entire goal was to bring the guys in and get them comfortable with our system. That was accomplished.”

On the message he delivered to the rookies throughout orientation

“Every training camp is the same or OTAs. Every kid can’t make your team, but, when you’re on the field, you’re playing for yourself in training camp. You’re playing for every team in the league. So if you can play, someone will find you. That’s the message. Stay engaged and learn what to do so you can be your best on game-day. That’s what counts for the preseason.”

On using rookie orientation to evaluate players and tryout players

“I think the evaluation is over. We’ve drafted and signed these guys. The evaluation process is behind us. It’s more now about getting guys ready to play NFL football. In my opinion, to have a tryout came and evaluate our guys that we drafted, it’s too late. We’ve drafted and we’ve signed for agents. So that part is over. It’s time to help these guys become NFL players.”

On if T Garett Bolles has taken a leadership role with this rookie class

“From a leadership standpoint, he’s just being himself. He’s a happy person. He’s an engaged person. He’s obviously a confident person, so that helps. He’s just being himself and that’s what important.”

“It’s important for guys to have continuity, just to be in town and stay through phase 2 and then OTAs. Their reporting day was the 15th and that’s Monday. We had the choice to bring them in the week before, fly them back home, then fly them back through the phase 2. So we chose to bring them out this weekend and keep those guys here for phase 2. Which makes sense for everyone.”





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