Garrett Bolles, the Teddy Bear?

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. Bronco’s first round draft pick Garrett Bolles spoke to media today, after his first day on the field with his new teammates.  It appears the lovable warrior is willing to stay humble and hungry in pursuit of his NFL dream.  According to Bolles day one was great:

“I love being out here. I have not played football or been in a helmet since my last bowl game in college. Coming out here, being with all the rookies and just learning from coaches was a great experience. I’m just excited to see how this season goes.”

Bolles is ready to adapt to pro-style practice routine after rookie orientation, acknowledging the most significant step is the mental leap in preparation styles:

“You’re not on the field as much as you were in college, so just coming out here, taking mental steps, doing the right footwork, and doing everything possible so when it gets to the game, you can go full-speed and great ready to go against the best.”

Bolles was asked if he felt the responsibility of leading the Broncos’ rookie class.  He showed an clear enthusiasm to help lead his new team in any capacity, and desires the ability to compete and support our veteran players:

“I feel like I have the capability to do that, but I’m just out here trying to do the best I can. We’re all leaders out here. We’re all trying to find our way, but one person needs to step up. If that’s me, then that’s awesome. If somebody else, that’s great. I’m just out here just trying to do everything I can do possible to get ready so that when the vets come out here on Monday I’m ready to go and can run with them.”

Bolles reflected on the enormity of signing his rookie contract, particularly with the challenges he faced on his journey to becoming a professional player:

“It was a dream come true. Just where I was and where I came from, a lot of people told me I’m never going to be here. Coming here and having the Broncos organization and [Owner] Mr. [Pat] Bowlen, the foundation that he has set and all these coaches here, they gave me a chance. I’m just here and so excited and grateful to be here.”


Finally, talk turned to his foundation, his beloved wife and family.  It’s clear as he plans Mother’s Day for his wife he plays for his family:

“I’m going to get her some flowers, that’s for sure. I love my wife. She’s back at home. I will wish her everything I can. She understands that I’m out here to do a job to support her and my son. I’m going to give it my all.”

Unlike many rookies where sudden fame and riches can lead to splashy purchases, Bolles is clearly focused on using his newfound wealth to protect his family for generations to come:

“No, none of that. I’m not into that. The money I get is to take care of my kids’ kids. It’s nothing here to praise or anything like that. I’m here to take care of my kids, my family, be here with my teammates and just play the game I love.”

It’s apparent this warrior is as tender off the field as he is fierce while playing.  He’s excited to show his personality and values on and off the field:

“Proving people wrong. When I come off the field, I’m a teddy bear, I love my family and I love my beautiful wife and my son. When I cross those white lines, it’s a whole different game. Something comes into me. I’m just excited to come out here and be with the guys and just work my butt off to help us win another Super Bowl.”

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