De’Angelo ‘Hop’ Henderson explains his nickname and the importance of #33.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. After a day of rookie indoc, the class of 2017, got to hit the practice field. See what Denver Broncos latest RB, De’Angelo Hop Henderson had to say. Any guy who liked Warrick Dunn growing up, gets my extra love. Smart guy. He’s also excited to know he’s going to learn from Jamaal Charles, someone he’s been watching for the past couple of years.

On his nickname ‘Hop’

After an injury that was supposed to sideline him 6-8 weeks, he told his coach he wasn’t missing six to eight weeks. He came back hobbling around. He can jump cut pretty well, too. It took off from there.

Hop has two reasons he wanted the #33 and why it’s special to him. His fraternity brother Anthony Frye died March 2, 2016. He wore no. 33 when he played at Coastal. He was one of my closest friends. His mentor also– have to throw this in there, Maurice Drayton wore 33 as well.

“I won’t say luck, I’ll say fate. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. The number was open for a reason and I’m blessed to have it.”

Hop is an engaging guy, so take to time to watch the whole presser here.


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