In Case You Missed It, News around the NFL, May 13, 2017

There’s only one No Fly Zone in the NFL and it lives in Denver.

Source: C’MF’HJ puts the No, in the NFZ • Denver Broncos Zone


The Browns lost a member of their 2017 draft class at their first rookie minicamp practice. Fourth-round pick Howard Wilson, a defensive back from Houston whom the team hoped could contribute as a rookie, suffered a fractured kneecap. “It is unfortunate. He will be out for a while, significant time,” coach Hue Jackson said. “We…

Source: Browns fourth-round pick Howard Wilson suffers knee fracture | ProFootballTalk


Conspicuously quiet during his extended stretch in free-agency, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick recently broke his silence. Sort of. Kaepernick called Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe on Thursday night, after word emerged that Dr. Harry Edwards, described as an advisor to Kaepernick by USA Today, claimed three teams had reached out to Edwards about Kaepernick.…

Source: Colin Kaepernick speaks (to Shannon Sharpe) | ProFootballTalk

Revisiting the shocking deal one year later.

Source: Who’s winning the Carson Wentz trade: The Browns or the Eagles? | FOX Sports


Image result for tom brady madden coverOh Brother.  The Patriots quarterback is never going away.  Mess with the bull–get the horns jerk.

Source: LOOK: Tom Brady wears bubble to avoid Madden curse, jokes about playing at 70 –


The Texans traded up in the draft to land QB Deshaun Watson. (AP) Watson was still manning the podium in pre-draft campaign mode. Saying all the right things. Talking about working hard in his first days as a  Houston Texan. Remaining soft-spoken and aligning his compass with actions over words. Above all else, he kept the conversation focused on learning, not achieving.

Source: A lesson for QB Deshaun Watson: Where exactly to stand in an NFL huddle

Create mismatches is a pretty good way to describe his game

Source: Christian McCaffrey explains what Panthers want him to do on offense in 2017 –

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