Las Vegas not treating the Broncos kind

According to CG Technology, a Las Vegas Sportsbook, the Denver Broncos aren’t expected to shine in 2017. I’ve often joked that the Devil makes the point spreads because so often will team x be favored by 3 over team y; simply to win by a field goal.

The sportsbook released lines for the first 16 weeks of the 2017 season. Week 17 isn’t posted simply due to the uncertainty of teams resting players with playoffs seeds already wrapped up.

The Broncos are favored to win 6 games on the schedule, two games opened as “pick em”, and were awarded a W/L based on where the game was played. So for the season at this point based on the “moneyline” and the “pick em” reasoning the Broncos are predicated to be 7-8 heading into week 17 when they host the defending AFC West Champion Kansas City Chiefs (that was hard to type).

These projections find the Broncos as being one of six teams of teams fighting for the 6th seed in the playoffs at 8-7 or 7-8. That type of congestion in the standings would likely mean a number of tie breakers come into play.

This is based on Trevor Siemian being the starting QB.

**editor note: I dare say by the end of the pre-season and Lynch is starting, these odds could change a lot because this new offense is meant to move fast and play bold. The opposite of last season.**

2017 Opening Odds


**Losing to the Dolphins? Vance Joseph knows that defense and this game will be a homecoming for at least six of our guys who either start or rotate. A game in December, not September. In addition, the crowd will be like the Tampa and Jags games last year. At least 1/3 Broncos fans. The Bills? Once again, a game played with good weather. Plus, the Bills? Granted, both of us have had shake-ups, but our team is flat out better. The Colts? Did I miss something? Did they go buy an OL and defense?**

Here is how the AFC West Projects:

**McCoy isn’t going to lose to LAC, or the Raiders and KC, twice. Not going to happen.**

Here is how the AFC Projects:

In the NFC, the four division champions (Dallas, Green Bay, Seattle and Atlanta) all are predicted to finish with 12-3 records, and a host of others teams will be competing for playoff spots.

Some of these lines seem a bit comical, but thankfully they play the games on the field. If the Broncos are 7-8 heading into week 17, then this season was highly disappointing. So if one of those lines on the Broncos schedule is tantalizing to you, simply bet responsible.

Full Chart:

**the editor predicts the Cowboys and Dak take a big step back and TB takes a huge step forward. TB just added a ton of weapons, does Vegas even watch football? They have the Bills and Dolphins as pathetic and we don’t even beat them? My BS flag is thrown. Two of them. **

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