Is Jamal Carter a hidden gem?

Jamal Carter – Who is he and can he be the next undrafted Bronco Superstar?
This is a question I asked myself some 90 minutes after Mr Irrelevant had been drafted and teams started scouring the college ranks for hidden gems. Carter was given $20,000 dollars as a signing bonus – double what anybody got in last year’s Bronco undrafted class and he seemed very high up Coach Joseph’s list, as he was the first undrafted player signed.
So about Carter, let’s look at what we know.

Coming from Southridge High School in Miami and as one of the country’s top recruits, it seemed all too natural for him to find his way into the Miami Hurricanes and that is indeed where he ended up. A strong defensive back field meant his first 2 years with the canes, only resulted in 2 starts with 26 tackles registered in ’13 and ’14 seasons. The ’15 season saw more playing time with 49 tackles and his first INT to go along with 5 pass breakups; however, only 1 start. In 2016 Carter became the starter of all 13 games leading the team in tackles with 85 and 3 pass breakups. All those stats don’t make pretty reading for a Superstar, but his physical attributes and quickness on the other hand, tell a better tale.

When you look at the table above, Carter’s combine results look better than TJ Ward and more accurately, a good blend of both Ward and Stewart.
*explicit lyrics*

From the highlight package above, you can really see him use his ample frame and put it to good use on many hard hitting plays, forcing fumbles, defending the pass, and can play the deep ball pretty good, too.
The question I had after seeing and reading these facts? Why did Jamal Carter go undrafted?

This wouldn’t have helped –

Just got the email from the University of Miami that Hurricanes junior safety Jamal Carter has been suspended for the Sun Bowl and will be sent home for breaking team rules. Here’s the email from UM:

Source: Miami Hurricane Jamal Carter sent home, suspended for bowl, still on team | Eye on the U

I think the main knock on Carter is his football smarts. He has mental blocks resulting in big plays, and he bites hard on play action passes. He seems to make all his plays around the line of scrimmage, but struggles to diagnose the run from deep, often getting to the play late allowing for bigger gains. Despite causing fumbles and interceptions, Carter doesn’t seem to have ball instincts and a nose for the football.
All in all, I feel he will be a fantastic contributor on special teams, if he makes the 53 man roster.

With the loss of Keyvon Webster and Dekota Watson in free agency, the Broncos will definitely be looking for some hard hitting tone setters and I believe Carter offers the special teams unit just that. In the future, could he be the next Ward or Stewart? Only time will tell, he has the physical attributes to be a mix of them both, if he picks up the playbook and learns better technique and discipline. However, what better tutors than the members of the No FLy Zone? If he does listen and learn, Denver may have another contributor in the mix.

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