In Case You Missed It, News around the NFL, May 5, 2017

Why would a kid who grew up in Texas playing running back and defensive end, look up to a quarterback?

Source: Meet Deon Hollins, Jr., our newest UDFA who grew up shouting, ‘Omaha’! • Denver Broncos Zone


Langley has a “mean-streak” and brings “a lot of physicality” to the defense and special teams.

Source: Elway may have wanted more ‘juice’, but he hasn’t forgotten Kicking and Screaming is what wins. • Denver Broncos Zone


If ticket sales on the secondary market are any indication, it doesn’t look like the Raiders’ decision to move to Las Vegas is going to blow up in their face. It appears that fans in Oakland haven’t given up on the Raiders.

Source: Ticket sales suggest fans in Oakland still supporting Raiders despite Vegas move –


Carolina Panthers' Christian McCaffrey (22) poses for a photo with fans before practice at the NFL football team's rookie camp in Charlotte, N.C., Friday, May 5, 2017. The Panthers hope that McCaffrey's being raise in an NFL family, his father was a three-time Super Bowl champion, will help make the transition from college that much easier. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)Although he doesn’t remember Ed McCaffrey winning three Super Bowls – one with the 49ers and two with the Broncos – the Panthers’ rookie said having a father playing in the league will make his own transition to the NFL that much easier.

Source: Panthers say rookie RB McCaffrey’s NFL bloodline ‘huge’ edge


The Dolphins made it to the playoffs in their first year under coach Adam Gase. As the second year approaches, Gase senses a change in his players. “There’s a little different swagger about what our guys have right now in a positive way,” Gase told reporters on Friday. “There’s no indecision as far as what…

Source: Adam Gase sees a “little different swagger” in his players | ProFootballTalk


Bengals president and owner Mike Brown explained in a letter published Friday why the team took a “risk” by drafting Joe Mixon despite the “terrible thing” he did in college.

Source: Bengals president explains in letter why team drafted Joe Mixon –


There comes a time in every man’s life when he realizes he’s no kid anymore, and that time often comes when they’re first referred to by someone younger as “sir.” It’s just awful to hear. You run through the possible responses, including “my father is a sir,” and it just all feels wrong and … how could this be happening?

Source: What Giants rookie Davis Webb said to get off to a bad start with Eli Manning


Jay Cutler won’t have to wait long for an opportunity to use his new post in a FOX broadcast booth to share his thoughts about his former team. Cutler will be joining Kevin Burkhardt and Charles Davis in a three-man crew and, during an appearance on Mad Dog Sports Radio with Adam Schein, Burkhardt revealed…

Source: Jay Cutler’s first game for FOX will feature Bears | ProFootballTalk

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