Shane Ray upped his jersey sales after this press conference.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. Outside linebacker Shane Ray and Cornerback Bradley Roby addressed the media. Both players have been groomed to be a part of this Crushing defense. With the retirement of DeMarcus Ware, Ray is the first to assume a full time starting role. Relaxed and engaging, each gave their takes on this defense, more playing time and of course, the signing of FORMER KC Chief RB, Jamaal Charles.

Below are stand out quotes and the video for each pressers if you to watch the entire segment.

As of every player asked about DeMarcus Ware, Ray mentioned his leadership. “It’s very bitter sweet for me. His presence in the locker room as a mentor and as a big brother is hard to replace. At the same time, this is how the business goes. This is how life goes. It’s time for me to step up and handle my business and take everything that he taught me and apply it to the field.”

On the goals he has set for himself in comparison to last year’s personal goals. “Nobody can block me for a whole game. One sack a game for me is equivalent to 16 games—that’s 16 sacks. That could lead the league, not to mention playoffs or any of that stuff. That’s how I break stuff down for me and that’s what I’m going to do.”

When he was asked his T-shirt and the motto on it and what it meant to him he said,

“Being honest with yourself as a player. One of the things that we talked about as a team was guys excepting coaching and being truthful with what you do as a player because your film doesn’t lie.

“We made it to where now the whole team gets to see if you make a mistake or if you loaf in practice. Truth is really just being honest that you’ve given your teammates your effort and your work ethic every day. That’s kind of how I look at it. Every day that I go out, I feel like I should have three sacks. That’s expected of me. I should be doing this in coverage. I should have this amount of tackles. This is what I should do every day. If you’re not doing what you say you’re going to do or what your teammates view you as, you’re not putting the truth in. You’re not playing to the level that everybody sees you. It’s just expectations.”

He hasn’t met another DeMarcus, Walker, but he had watched him. “He made a lot of noise at Florida State rushing the passer and coming from the right side. I like that he’s versatile and having him move around. I like to rush inside, too. Seeing someone that has that talent is pretty nice. I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s going to do. I know he’s a stronger kid. Let’s see what he can do in the run game and eventually we can get him on third downs. That’ll be a blessing to help have some pressure on the inside and keep some guys off of Von and me.”

Now that he’ll be the starter, he knows he’s ready because he spent so much time already playing when Ware was out with injuries. He’s eager for the role.

This sells jerseys, son. Pure gold right here.

“I know they’re sick back at home [in Kansas City]. They’re sick (laughing). I can’t tell you how many calls I’ve gotten, ‘No man. Not Jamaal Charles, man.’

“Me personally, I’m so excited for our offense and what they can do now because as a defense, we feel like if you can score 14 points, we’re going to win the game. This offense is looking like it’s going to do way more than that, and I can’t wait. As a pass rusher, they’re going to have to throw the ball if we’re playing up.

On our favorite Son of Bum, “I still have a lot of love for Coach Phillips. I probably won’t be able to make it to his book signing, but I know he’s not happy coming back to this snow from LA.”

He offered some advice to fellow first round draft pick, Garett Bolles, “All you can do is continue to work, keep your goals to your heart and strive to be great every day that you come to work. That’s how it is. I told [QB] Paxton [Lynch] the same thing. They’re going to love you or they’re going to hate you. It depends on the day.

On adding RB Jamaal Charles to the team
“I think that’s a great addition, a really good addition. I think that he’ll help us out immediately. When we played against him, I thought he was one of the best in the league, if not the best. When we watched film on him and played against him and felt his cuts and things like that, I thought he was the best.

“He’s a mismatch with every linebacker. He’s a mismatch for a lot of safeties. I know [Offensive Coordinator] Coach [Mike] McCoy is going to do a great job of working him in. [Quarterbacks Coach Bill] Musgrave is going to do a great job of suiting the offense to his talents and putting packaged plays for him in that he’ll be good at. I think it’s a great addition for us.”

Because he’s on a team with the best in the league, his role as a starter is limited; however,  “At the end of the day, I know that I’m in the position where I can continue to learn and I can also go out there and show what I can do as well. It’s not like I’m not playing at all. I also get to learn behind those guys. Yeah, I’m not getting the accolades and all the other stuff I could be getting, but I got a Super Bowl ring in my second year, and I’m getting better every year. I know that at the end of the day I’m going to get what I’m supposed to get if I continue to stay to course and stay positive by not thinking selfishly.”

The No FLy Zone has a standard to uphold and that’s their goal, plus, ” being No. 1 pass defense for three years straight. Just to really show, in the history, they can go back and say that the Broncos’ secondary was one of the best, if not the best secondary that every played. And the numbers don’t lie. I think that’s just us staying to our standard and not backing down and not regressing at all.”

On his thoughts of the new offensive additions to the team
“Offensive line wasn’t our best position last year and we upgraded that. I don’t know anything about [TE Jake] Butt. I’m not expecting much because he went to Michigan (laughing). I’m playing. I’m sure he’s a great player.

“The guys like [CBs] Lorenzo Doss and Taurean Nixon, this is definitely an opportunity for them to step up and crack the lineup. Kayvon was a great addition and we’re going to miss him because he was great on special teams as well, if not one of the best special teams guys in the league. That’s going to be a spot that we’re going to have to fill for sure. It’s sad to see your brother leave, but I think he went on to a better opportunity for him.”

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