Joe Woods must like his winning way. Denver resigns a DL

Last season, the Denver Broncos signed versatile DL Billy Winn to a year contract. Today, they gave him another.

The former 6th round draft pick by the Cleveland Broncos had a promising  2012 rookie season, which he increased in 2014. However, between coaching changes and injuries, he wasn’t able to continue his upward movement.

He was traded to the Indianapolis Colts after a right knee injury during the first day of practice in pads. It  ended his season. He then suffered a torn rotator cuff in Indy and was eventually released and signed by Denver.

The former Boise State Bronco has shown flashes of promise, but injuries have been his Achilles heel. Yes, I went there.

In Denver, he was a relief who played in every game with a total of 19 tackles. If he can stay healthy, he’s a sold depth chart guy who could see more playing time based on the health of the DL.



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