Are you a Denver Broncos Fan living in a hostile land?

Hi, my name is Jules and I am an addict. Living in an area with its own team, in a state with three NFL teams, leaves me craving a fix of real Broncos talk. With a live fan. I neeeeeeed it.

Twitter, Facebook, Reddit are great avenues to connect with Broncos Country, but if you’re an addict like me who wants to discuss Denver 24/7, I bet your fingers no longer have prints. The heat of your iPad or laptop keyboard has melted/rubbed them off.

You can now break into Dove Valley, press your nose and hands against the trophy cases and not leave useful prints behind. The upside is, if you do get arrested, your cellmates will know more about the Broncos than all your neighbors in Kalamazoo, Michigan, or the entire continent of Australia, combined.

If you’re a flatlander, you save for trips to this Mecca. You plan your year around which games does your budget allow? While Denverites take for granted seeing orange jerseys, us fans in another land see them at Mile High and want to drop to our knees and bow.

There are no words to adequately describe the feeling of turning the corner and seeing a sea of orange. Imagine being a Martian born on Earth and you land on Mars. I’m HOME, my peeps!

Those who actually read my articles may be thinking, but you write for MHR, don’t you talk Broncos all the time? Yes, but it’s discussing, not talking. It’s typing 100,000 words a day. This is NOT an exaggeration. It’s not the same as a real live, face to face, or even phone to phone, conversation.

I’m wondering how many of you are nodding your head right now? Have you taken desperate measures to meet a fellow fan in your area? If one even exists. Not sure how many in Wales there are. How did you meet? What’s your story?

I met a guy on Twitter from this area. I scored two tickets to the Broncos/Jags game and brought him. Picked him up in a mall parking lot so we could drive in one car since I had a sweet parking pass.

Yes, I allowed a strange man into my Denver tricked out Jeep. I risked my life to spend the day with a Broncos fan and talk non-stop Broncos. Broncos, Broncos, Broncos. Also met up with another guy from twitter, a deep Trevor fan and we clicked anyway 🙂 (hi, Buck!)

This was weeks after meeting up with another rabid fan in Tampa Bay. I shared my ticket with him, too. That time though, had a real life friend with me who flew in from Colorado Springs. I talked her into coming because her parents live by Orlando.

She doesn’t even like football, but she brought Broncos goodies. Yes, I used her to smuggle me Denver items. Why? Because hubs said my SB buying needed to stop if I wanted to keep our house. He doesn’t get that life is too short to pass up a SB50 door stop or a SB50 painting on black velvet.

Speaking of the Tampa game, while there, I moved over and introduced myself to Derek and his wife (in the above photo) and shamelessly roped him into talking Broncos and giving me his twitter handle. He’s from Georgia and a fellow addict. We may need to start a SE Denver Broncos Anonymous group.

Twitter has become my IV fix of everything Broncos. I can’t go four hours without checking the feed. What happened, who did what, is so and so on? If I lived in a house or town or state with Broncos fans, I’m sure I’d have a better social life. One that wouldn’t give me withdrawals without checking Twitter.

If one existed, I’d donate to a Go Fund me account dedicated to a hotline staffed by KNOWLEDGEABLE Broncos fans. A Denver Broncos Anonymous line. 1-800-DBA-talk. Oh, hmm. Maybe I just found a new line of work. Wonder how long one can wear headphones talking to fans before it adheres to one’s skin?

What is your story? Tell us below. Maybe you’ll meet a fan in your area you didn’t know existed. One who isn’t a serial killer like, Josh, my mall guy. Just kidding. He turned out to be a nice and very knowledgeable fan and we had THE BEST day. Even met a slew of Bronco family members.

When you comment, post your city. I’m in the greater Jacksonville area. How about you? Comment below.

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