In Case You Missed It, News around the NFL, May 2, 2017

John Elway

Get out the tissues….on this date, May 2, 1999, Broncos fans every where watched the end of era unfold.

Source: John Elway’s retirement press conference May 2, 1999 • Denver Broncos Zone



Charles is an added threat as a backfield receiver, he’s had 5 seasons with over 35 catches.

Source: Denver adds RB Jamaal Charles • Denver Broncos Zone


A lot of the goodwill Jamaal Charles built up in nine years in Kansas City might have just gone out the window. The new Broncos running back revealed his true colors in a conference call this afternoon, admitting that his new boss was more than just a guy signing his checks. “I always wanted to…

Source: Jamaal Charles: “I always wanted to play for Denver” | ProFootballTalk


Wade Phillips had some interesting things to say about his tenure with the Cowboys.

Source: Wade Phillips calls out Cowboys owner Jerry Jones over pay


The league has a marijuana problem, and the league knows it. On the surface, people like Commissioner Roger Goodell can justify the ongoing marijuana ban by calling it “unhealthy” and “addictive,” while ignoring that plenty of other things are “unhealthy” and “addictive” (like the pain medications players routinely take to keep playing) and overlooking the reality…

Source: NFLPA continues to focus on marijuana for therapeutic reasons | ProFootballTalk


If there were any fans in Oakland who were hoping that Raiders’ owner Mark Davis might change his mind about moving the team to Las Vegas, you can probably go ahead and give up on those hopes now. The $1.9 billion stadium is going to be built on an expensive chunk of land

Source: Raiders spend more than $75 million to purchase land for new stadium in Las Vegas –


Former NFL defensive end Greg Hardy, who was suspended four games for violating the league’s player conduct rule following an allegedly violent incident involving his ex-girlfriend in 2014, says he wants to rebuild his image and get back to the league.

Source: Greg Hardy says he’s not a ‘psychopath’ and that he’s seeking ‘redemption’


Fans love the NFL draft. Here's an idea how to take the next step — let them help make picks. Seriously. (AP) The NFL is sitting on a potentially brilliant idea — one it already has considered and passed on for now — about making the draft even bigger.

Source: Fans making NFL draft picks? It could be the next revolutionary step

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