Introducing the Flash: Carlos Henderson

While some fans and analysts have questioned the Denver Broncos’ draft decisions, and wondered if some of the picks were desperate and over reaching, it appears almost everyone is optimistic about some of our later round picks including, Carlos ‘Flash’ Henderson, WR from Louisiana Tech.  Selected in the third round, with pick 82, Henderson appears to be the ‘juice’ everyone’s been hoping for.

Henderson is incredibly fast-clocking a 4.3 in the 40 within the last year.  It appears he has deservedly earned the nickname “The Flash” for all of his speedy antics on the field.  According to Pro Football Focus, Henderson forced 48 missed tackles.  This was almost two times the amount of his nearest competitor.

He also has impressive stats in multiple categories: scoring almost 1 out of every 5 times he touched the ball last season.   This totaled 23 touchdowns (19 receiving, two rushing, two kickoff return) on 121 touches last season, an incredible rate.  In his final college season in a span of nine days, he amassed 558 receiving yards and eight touchdowns-in two games!  He has garnered athletic comparison’s to  Tyreek Hill, without all of Hill’s personal baggage.

Part of this offensive dominance included his 326-yard, five-touchdown performance last season against UMass:

That was the number at the time of need. I was born to play this game. I was just born to play this game of football. I’m just looking forward to for the chance with the Broncos to get to another Super Bowl and I’m excited and happy to be a Bronco. I’m just excited right now.

Scouts anticipate Henderson will be a special teams starter immediately as a kickoff returner.  But with his speed and build, it is anticipated he will be in contention to be the team’s 3rd receiver in the slot.  He is capable of catching the ball and making yardage, even after taking big hits.  He has strong moves that prevent would-be tacklers altogether. This was definitely a skill which drew the Broncos to Henderson:

The run after the catch—anytime you can get the ball in a guy’s hands like that and he’s got the ability to take it to the house, that’s something that you always want. It’s not always easy to catch and run with the ball, and that’s what he likes to do. He creates the big plays and that’s what we really liked about him.                  John  Elway

The consensus from scouts is that Henderson relies too much on his speed however, and needs to strengthen his route running to make it big in the NFL.   Henderson historically ran simple routes in college and didn’t learn to work NFL style routes.   Another concern is that his excellent play was against weaker teams, and that the move to pro play will be an adjustment.

While Henderson will face adjustments as he joins the Broncos, it is apparent we have many exciting returns in front of us the season from the Flash.  “I love the Broncos. I’m going to do my best to help the Broncos. I’m just proud to be a Bronco. I promised these guys they won’t regret picking me in this draft.”

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