I like Jake Butt and I Cannot Lie…


Twitter is alive with middle school humor!  In a move that has delighted many Broncos fans, our team has selected Former Michigan Tight End Jake Butt as the 145th pick in the fifth round of the draft.  Butt is rehabbing from a torn ACL sustained in the Orange Bowl against Florida State in December.  The fan base seems equally excited that Butt may be a potential steal of the draft–according to Andrew Mason and Adam Schefter, Butt is first round value in a fifth round pick.  Mase attributes this to Butt’s ability to produce “in a pro-style system, fluid, adjusts well to the ball in flight, willing blocker…capable of getting separation, a very good route runner.”

With much potential as a ball player, the fans Saturday seemed equally pleased with the almost endless comedy potential of such a draft name.  Cue the booty call, butt fumble, like big butts, nice butts etc. etc.  Personally, I’m ticked with his pre-draft endorsement deal with toilet paper brand Charmin-not the typical sports marketing campaign–at least Butt seems to appreciate and embrace the jokes.  I’m predicting for the novelty factor alone he has a popular jersey in Broncos Country.

Butt’s second ACL injury to the same knee is clearly issue number one for the Broncos.  Unlike high profile draftee Christian McCaffrey, Butt didn’t skip his bowl game and has clearly paid a price, suffering the ACL injury and dropping into later rounds.  Butt will recover some of his lost income with endorsement deals, and a loss of value insurance policy, rumored to be be around 600K.  While a seemingly high payout, this pales to the roughly 2.5 million he potentially lost by dropping into the fifth round.

We were holding our breath these last few picks hoping to get Michigan TE Jake Butt. A top-notch TE we’re fortunate to select in the 5th.                                                              John Elway via Twitter

According to Schefter, Broncos anticipate Butt can be back on the field by August or September. He has shown the ability to return from knee injuries before, after his Freshman year at Michigan. Some analysts are suggesting the Broncos may already see 2017 as a”red-shirt” year and invest in him as a talent for the following season instead.

Before his injury, Butt was a high quality TE, in a pro-style system.  He was a two-time All-American who in his final two season’s averaged more than 1,000 yards and 7 touchdowns.  Butt is considered to have good hands and be a reliable pass catcher, and in his past few seasons improved tremendously in his blocking skills.  In addition to his steady skills improvement in his final two seasons, Butt was considered a high-character leadership asset for any team as well.

Bring on J Booty!

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