In Case You Missed It, News around the NFL, April 28, 2017

bolles-goodell.jpgIt was Bolles’ young son who stole the night, starting with the red carpet and lasting right up until they walked up on stage to greet commissioner Roger Goodell.

Source: LOOK: Broncos draft Garett Bolles and apparently will get his adorable baby, too –

Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey said he traded up to pick quarterback Patrick Mahomes with the 10th overall pick in the draft for a simple reason: He thinks Mahomes is a franchise-changing player. “He has got unbelievable talent,” Dorsey said. “He’s got the skill set to be one of those truly great players…

Source: Chiefs think Patrick Mahomes can be “truly great” | ProFootballTalk


The Raiders decided to take a risk by drafting cornerback Gareon Conley. But it definitely was a risk, given the uncertainty of his legal situation in Cleveland. Yes, Conley passed a polygraph test, which per multiple reports was imposed by the Ravens. (And that creates a separate potential can of worms that will be addressed…

Source: Gareon Conley could still be charged, despite passing polygraph test | ProFootballTalk


Many draft prognosticators pegged Florida State running back Dalvin Cook as a first-round talent. Then Thursday’s fall happened, and he’s still on the board heading into Round 2.

Source: Dalvin Cook’s slide due to off-field concerns –


john-lynch.pngThere were a lot of good moves made during the first day of the 2017 NFL Draft… the 49ers’ first-year general manager John Lynch and his personnel staff flipped that notion on its head with an outstanding opening salvo to his tenure in San Francisco.

Source: 2017 NFL Draft Winners and Losers: 49ers crush draft, Mike Glennon already on notice –


jj-watt-tshirt-rockets-playoff-04-19-17.jpgThings might be get ugly this season between the Watt brothers.  J.J. was clearly paying attention to the draft on Thursday because as soon as T.J. was drafted, the older brother sent out a tweet. However, this wasn’t a congratulatory tweet, this was a “See you on Christmas when I destroy your new team tweet.”

Source: LOOK: J.J. Watt’s reaction after the Steelers drafted his brother is absolutely perfect –


Image: 'Anybody is better'Should the Browns attack the quarterback position on Day 2 or should they hold back and let the QBs on their roster battle it out in training camp? Shocker: Steve Smith has an opinion.

Source: Steve Smith: ‘Anybody is better than Brock Osweiler’ –


Heading into the offseason, there was talk about the Jets trading defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson but nothing materialized over the last couple of months. It appears they are giving it another try ahead of the start of the second round of the draft. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the team is making calls…

Source: Report: Jets making calls about Sheldon Richardson trade | ProFootballTalk


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