John Elway and Vance Joseph remarks on taking OT Garret Bolles in first round.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. John Elway and Vance Joseph weighed in on drafting Utah’s OT Garrett Bolles in the first round. When asked about a few red flags, he addressed them.

“As far as the age, no. And with the background, having a chance to get him in here, get to meet him and understanding his background, that was not a concern either. We just really thought that athletically, the way he plays the game, the mentality he brings to the game, he was in our mind the best left tackle in the draft. We were wondering how things were going to fall. Once the quarterbacks started jumping off the board early, that kind of increased our chances. He was our target, so we feel really good about getting him.”

Elway thinks Bolles has a high ceiling and is explosive. He also has the mindset for what they were looking for.

” I think he brings a great mentality to that offensive line that needed a jolt. He’s a perfect fit for what we’ve done in free agency and what we’ve brought in. If Garett turns out to be what we think he is, he solves a big problem for us for a long time, and that’s that left tackle.”

Joseph had his usual refrain of compete. “Obviously, he’s a first-round pick and is going to come in and compete for that job, but he has to win that job and the best guy will play. He was drafted here for a reason.”

As did Elway. “I think it’s going to be a great competition. I think what make players better is competition. That’s one good thing that we have on our football team. We have a lot of competition at a lot of spots. We now have competition on the offensive line.”

Elway’s thoughts on DE Derek Wolfe going up against Bolles. “If Garett follows those footsteps and becomes the player that Derek is, we’ll be very, very happy with that. We were kind of giggling up there in the draft room. We’ll see how many times those two go against each other. We’re going to need a bell to stop them.

Even though great players were there for Denver to grab, and they did have an opportunity to trade down, they didn’t. Said Elway, “We still felt Garett was going to be that guy. When we looked at his ability and we look at our needs, we feel like he’ll be a good fit. We still believe that he was the best guy on the board and the best guy for us”

“He brings enthusiasm. That’s what he was. He was enthusiastic and high energy. It was not only his athletic ability, but it was also what he brings when he walks in the door in the morning. You see how good he wants to be and how much of a competitor he is. I think it will make that whole offensive line much better.”

Remember all the flags our OL had last season? Bolles was the one of most penalized offensive lineman. Elway and Vance had to talk with him.

Said Joesph, “John said it; he’s a smart guy. He understand that. Most of the penalties were him playing just hard football. I can live with some of that stuff. He’s got good support now.”

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