Chris Harris, Jr., Emmanuel Sanders and Von Miller met with the media

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. Three members of the Denver Broncos met with the press today. Cornerback Chris Harris, Jr., Wide Receiver Emmanuel Sanders and Edge Rusher Von Miller.

If you thought our defense was pretty fly, you’d be wrong, according to CHJ, Joe Woods added even more. “They’re challenging but I think we’re smart enough to be able to handle that and to come out here and get more turnovers.”

Three Cheers on Brandon Marshall being healthy: “It’s huge. We saw that last year we had a drop off in our [run defense], so we need B-Marshall in there to have a big year for us, especially with the run game and these running backs. The way they’re using these guys in the backfield or splitting them out wide as receivers—he has a lot of responsibility, especially at his position. We need him to play huge in order to stop these offenses.”

CHJ gave major kudos to Champ Bailey who’s being inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame.

“Champ was an unbelievable mentor for me. Just a good friend. That’s one thing, you don’t see a lot of the older guys like him becoming friends with the younger cats. Just to be able to have that relationship means a lot.”

You can see his entire press conference here and listen to even more praise for the GOAT.


Emmanuel Sanders sounds like he’s loving this new scheme and Mike McCoy.

“Obviously, we’re going to throw the ball a lot more. There are a lot of underneath routes. Today we were able to throw the ball down the field. I think Bennie and Paxton connected on a deep ball. I think he scored even though they didn’t give it to us. I’m excited. I remember his offense from 2014. I labeled it, ‘Wide Receiver Avenue.” It’s very pass happy and that’s everything as a receiver you could want. I’m excited.”

His thoughts on McCoy as a coach and person, “It’s fun. I actually was just looking at him run, and said, ‘Man, this guy is cool.’ He’s very player friendly. He’ll talk to you. You could walk up and approach him and ask him any questions. He’s down to help. And that’s what I like in coaches. Coaches like that who understand that the players make the system. If the players understand the system, that’s how he gets his success. I think so far he has been doing a great job.”

Take what he said anyway you like, “Hopefully, we do a better job of that this year, in terms of moving us around and being able to not have a team come out and play cover-2 and we just on the outside. Hopefully, we do have a third receiver emerge and make clutch plays for us.” To me, he was saying last year our offense stunk on ice.

Watch his entire presser…


With DeMarcus retired, Von Miller believes that Shane Ray is ready to step into Ware’s large shoes. Same for Shaq Barrett. “He already has though. Shane is looking great out there. He looks like a veteran linebacker that everybody wants him to be. It’s going to be a big year for him. He’s been saying it and you can feel the energy coming off of him each and every single day. Not only him, but Shaq, too. It’s going to be a big year for both of those guys. I’m excited.”

He, too had high praise for Champ. “I just remember from Day 1 he was the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time). He really showed you how to come in and be consistent every single day. All of the greats are consistent every single day. He did it in his own way. He wasn’t like standing up and doing all of this. He wasn’t that type of guy. Every time he lined him up against the number one receiver, he did his job. I just remember him being consistent. I remember him being someone that I can relate to from Day 1.”

Asked if being drafted second instead of first mattered, he got the last laugh (as did all of Broncos Country).

“Super Bowl 50 MVP, right? I’m good. I’m good with all of the decisions that were made. I’m happy to be a Bronco. I love it here.”

See his entire presser here:

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