If I was Commissioner for a day…

Commissioner for a day?

I won’t get into stripping the Patriots of #1 draft picks for eternity or forcing Colts owner Jim Irsay to watch every game in a straight jacket, or even forcing the Los Angeles Chargers to rehire A.J. Smith.  I wouldn’t even change any penalty rules, or any aspect of the actual game. I do, however, propose one minor change.

I would simply require the television broadcast networks to seek sponsorship of the coin toss. It’s normally only shown for the Super Bowl, but it’s one minor tweak that I would like to have made.

At times, and quite possibly mostly in the playoffs, teams have an honorary captain. For example, the last playoff game the Denver Broncos hosted, they had Steve Atwater, Terrell Davis and John Lynch as honorary captains while the Patriots brought in Ty Law as theirs.

Even without the honorary captains, I like seeing the referee talking to the actual captains, the brief interaction between the two sets of captains and knowing who is getting the ball. The networks could easily offer up an encapsulated screen showcasing that the coin toss is brought to you by Budweiser (for example).

The image that goes along with this piece shows a shot from the last Manning Bowl where the New York Giants had honorary captains in two members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Y.A. Tittle and Frank Gifford. I’m sure many Giants fans, and to an extent, general NFL fans would have enjoyed seeing those guys from the past once again, even if for a brief moment in time.

It gives the teams a chance to incorporate their alumni on a week to week basis (some might already do this), and could give the alumni one more chance at a plane ride home following a win, pre-game meal, or just simply being involved in the atmosphere and the roar of the crowd one more time.

If reports are correct, the Broncos under first year head coach Vance Joseph, will open the 2017 season at home with the newly coined Los Angeles Chargers and their first year head coach Anthony Lynn, a former Denver Bronco player (1993, 1997-99) and coach (2000-02).

Broncos Offensive Coordinator, Mike McCoy, will have unique insight as he jumped from Denver in 2013 to become the Chargers’ head coach. It would be great to hypothetically see, Karl Mecklenburg standing out there with Dan Fouts. We will assure Fouts that there is a written and binding agreement that Mecklenburg won’t chase or hit him, but we can’t promise he still won’t put any fear in the old bearded signal caller.

It’s just an idea. If I were the commissioner I would write into the agreement that I, and eventually my estate, would receive 1% of the value of any sponsorship agreements in perpetuity. So the ball is in your court, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, ABC and NFLN, along with any other network, social media platforms or any new mediums. Have your people contact my people.

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