Denver Broncos release 2017 schedule

“My eyes go to Week 1. It’s important to get off to a great start. It’s a home game and it’s in division, so that’s important.”
–Broncos Head Coach Vance Joseph

With a favorable opening game against the Los Angeles Chargers on a Monday night, the rest aren’t as whip creamy. Denver will have the toughest strength of schedule. The worst will be facing the New England* Patriots after they have a bye week.

While NE* has their worst record in Denver, facing them week ten with a new starting quarterback and after a week of rest, will be no picnic.

Last season, Denver scored a paltry three points. Hopefully, with a more aggressive game plan, creative coaching and a dual threat quarterback, it won’t be a repeat performance.

When we face the New York Giants, the broadcasters will have their hands full if our Brandon Marshall tackles their Brandon Marshall who used to our Brandon Marshall, too. I’m guessing we will hear jokes all day long. And they won’t be funny. The good news is it won’t be Phil Simms.

Also, grateful the Miami game is in November! A game in Miami in September is a sweaty affair and wrecks havoc on teams from cool areas, especially from a high altitude.


2017 Preseason:
Week 1: at ChicagoWeek 2: at San Francisco
Week 3: vs. Green Bay
Week 4: vs. Arizon

“I think the [anticipation of the] bye week is always based on where your team is at that moment—Injuries and how you rest your football team. Early, mid or late, it’s all game planned around where your team feels. Having it early after four games, it’s a good deal. I place the season in quarters. In the first four weeks, we get our first quarter over then we have our bye. It’s always good. You hope to be successful obviously in that first quarter. But, to have that chance in week 5 to reboot and reset it again is important.”
–Broncos Head Coach Vance Josep

“Playing good defense on the road is always a must—keeping the point totals low and controlling the football, not turning the football over. Two out of three are division opponents. Two out of three are fairly easy trips (travel-wise). We do have a trip to Philly, which is a cross country trip. It’s important to be a good road team. You have to play well on the road to be a playoff team. It doesn’t bother me. Obviously, three straight is a great challenge. I’m looking forward to it.”
–Broncos Head Coach Vance Joseph

Denver will return home to play the Super Bowl-champion New England Patriots on NBC’s Sunday Night Football on Nov. 12 (6:30 p.m. MST). The game is scheduled to mark the Broncos’ 24th SNF matchup—the eighth most in the NFL since the program began in 2006.
The Broncos will host the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, Nov. 19 (2:25 p.m. MST, CBS), before road games on opposite coasts against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, Nov. 16 (1:25 p.m. PDT, CBS), and the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, Dec. 3 (1 p.m. EST, CBS).
Broncos Head Coach Vance Joseph will make his return to Miami, where he spent the 2016 season as the team’s defensive coordinator. The Dolphins finished with a 10-6 record and

“It’s just business for me. My first thought: it was December 3, so the weather won’t be a factor. If you play there in September, even October, it’s so warm for your football team and it’s a disadvantage. But, being December 3, I’m OK with it. It’s going to be a business trip for me.”
–Broncos Head Coach Vance Joseph


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