Trevor Siemian is “a really calm, cool and collected guy”.

Today, both Denver quarterbacks spoke with the press. First Lynch, then Trevor Siemian. Neither shared anything really new, both gave similar answers concerning the ‘quarterback competition’ and sang the praises for the new coaches.

Paxton Lynch spoke first and had this to say  about Christian McCaffrey who was in the building for another ‘interview’ with his lifelong friends.

“Obviously he is a great player. You see him all over ESPN making these ridiculous plays. Wherever he ends up, if it’s here, I’m sure we’ll all be grateful to have him here. You’ve got a guy like Demaryius and Emmanuel to learn from, too, which would be very beneficial to him. I’m sure wherever he ends up, he’s going to help the organization.”

He confirmed that during the off season he fine tuned his footwork and watched game film with quarterback coach, Charlie Taaffe.

Like me, Lynch was excited about Mike McCoy and Bill Musgrave because of what he sees coming. More passing, more shotgun, yay!

“he wants the quarterbacks to do—taking a little bit more shots. I know there has been a lot more shotgun stuff, at least in the playbook that we’ve seen so far. I’ve been excited about that. I came into this being very confident and ready to work hard. Having the opportunity to run around a little bit, that excites me. ”

His mindset on the same QB competition that’s been asked a million times.

“Obviously I believe in myself to be the starter this year. I’m going to work hard just like I did last year. I’m going to learn the offense, get extra work with these guys when I can and be in the building as much as I can at this time. That’s what I’m aiming for. That’s what I want to do.”

“To me, it’s just really worrying about myself, focusing on myself and knowing what I’ve got to do day in and day out to win the trust of these guys to become a leader and show these guys that I can carry the te

On what he admires about Siemian’s game

“One thing that I noticed about Trevor is that he is a really calm, cool and collected guy. Whenever something goes wrong, he’s kind of even keel. When something goes good, he’s even keel. You can’t tell if we’re losing or winning with him. I think that is a good trait to have in a quarterback just because a lot of guys are looking to you as the leader on the team. When you’re down by a bunch of points, you can’t be over there hanging your head and pouting. It’s the same way when you are up by 40 points. You can’t just be laid back and thinking that this still isn’t a game.”

His answer on why he came back a week early from Deltona, Florida..

“I was itching to get back. I got back as soon as I could. The whole team wasn’t here, but there was a good amount of guys. I know a lot of the new O-linemen were here. It was good to get to know them and get some work with them.”

Lynch continued to hit on every point that I’m sure he knows has falsely been said about him.

“I just want them to know that I’m here to work day in and day out. I want to do whatever it takes to lead this team and show everybody in the locker room that I can lead the team and do whatever it takes to earn their respect and trust. That is not just the guys in the locker room, but the guys upstairs, too, and the coaches.”


On Tuesday Head Coach Vance Joseph said Trevor was 100%. When asked about his recuperation he said,

“I’ve just got to be smart in the weight room. I wasn’t a gladiator in there in any way by any stretch for the imagination. Just be smart, take care of my body and get a little stronger.”

“I think you learn pretty quickly, or at least I did, that you’re got to earn it every year and every day in the league. That goes for beyond me and Paxton. That is everybody. If you’re not playing well, earning a job, earning a spot or getting worse, you’re not going to last very long. That is the reality of the thing. I know that I can get better. I’ve got a lot of room to improve, but I think I’ve got some things I can build on. I’m really excited. I’m excited to get rolling. I’m healthy and I feel good.”

He think the new system will help everyone.

“I think it’s exciting. I think Coach McCoy and really our whole staff is pretty special. They have a proven track record all over the place. I’m looking forward to the whole group. I think we have a chance to be special. It’s real early. We just got through our third install. I don’t want put the carrot in front of the horse, but I think we’re on the right track and I’m looking forward to this year.”

On whether he is practicing the ‘self-sack’

“Yeah, I’m going outside and falling down a few times, tripping on the way to the weight room (laughing).”

His thoughts on Lynch being a first round pick and how that effects him.

“With all due respect to Paxton, you’ve got to be on edge wherever you are. Like I said, you’ve got to earn it every day. Not just quarterbacks, but all across the board. You don’t really need any extra motivation, regardless of circumstance or whatever you’re talking about. You’ve got to earn your stripes every day. Moving forward, that’s what I’ve got to do if I want to play for a while.”

Here’s some hmmms. Based on the diagnosis Denver put out, it sure didn’t sound like he much choice on surgery. He had a grade five separation.

“I was just having problems lifting at the end of the season and it bothered me. Knock on wood, hopefully I play a while and I have to be in the weight room quite a bit. It’s not something I want to do deal with.”

When asked if he was throwing, “Yes.”

He was happy about the editions of G Ronald Leary and T Menelik Watson.

“Big guys who obviously have played well. I’m excited to have them. I think with the group we’ve got in there, we added some size and some physicality. It’s going to help me out, the backs, the receivers, everybody. But now it’s an important time for us to just establish that culture up there and up front. It starts with those guys. We’ve got some great players there. I’m looking forward to playing with those guys.”

He, too was asked about Christian and how he’d fit in Denver.

“I saw him in there suited up. Good to see a Valor [Christian High School] guy in here. He’s a good player, obviously. Wherever he goes he’s going to have a ton of success. I don’t know what the draft board looks like up there. Again, Elway has got a better answer for you. I’m looking forward to what he does in the league.”

On what he wants the culture of the offensive line to be

“Super physical group that protects the quarterback.”

On being a leader on offense

“There is no reason not to. Playing obviously helps. It was my first year playing last year. As I get older and play more reps and do those types of things, that’s kind of my role moving forward.”


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