Pre-Season Schedule Released and it’s GREAT

Denver couldn’t have asked for a better pre-season schedule, especially for a new coaching staff and a likely new starter at quarterback.

2017 Preseason:
Week 1: at Chicago
Week 2: at San Francisco
Week 3: vs. Green Bay
Week 4: vs. Arizona

For most teams, their third game is the one they use as a measuring stick. They employ more of the playbook, all the ones start the game and often play the entire first half, sometimes into the third quarter.

Since Green Bay is the toughest on Denver’s schedule, this is perfect. It’ll give the coaches a good taste of where they’re at. The fourth games usually has many starters sitting with their players trying to make the roster get the most time on the field.

Since the Chicago Bears and the San Francisco 49’ers were poor teams, this is a good way for the new staff and QB to get its teeth wet. Not to mention, traveling to Chicago is also a win.

This gives the team a chance to work on some issues before facing the home town crowd. San Francisco also seems to lose to us, a lot.

Can you feel it? Broncos football is revving up.


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