Romo retires, Paxton Lynch becomes front runner

After pictures surfaced of Tony Romo looking unfit, it became apparent that he wasn’t in any shape to show up in training camps, let alone one a Mile up.

out of shape Romo
Tony Romo in Mexico

This now puts the ball clearly in Paxton Lynch’s court. With Trevor Siemian still rehabbing from his shoulder surgery, Lynch will be the sole healthy quarterback. More than that, he’s the choice of John Elway.

When most of the offensive coaches were ‘retired’ or fired and Mike McCoy and Bill Musgrave hired, it showed the direction Elway was heading in. If Elway had wanted Romo or Siemian starting, he’d have kept former quarterback coach, Greg Knapp. He’d have been a bridge between coaches and styles and given Trevor an ally and continuity.

McCoy is known for his ability to work his schemes around his players and Musgrave is known for working with young quartbacks. One could argue that they are equaly for Siemian and Lynch; however, these QBs are polar opposites.

One is a gunslinger, the other a game manager. Both are also physically very different. While Mark Sanchez and Siemian were much closer together in size and playing style, the same cannot be said of our current quarterbacks.

This means that unlike Sanchez and Siemian sharing repetitions with the starters, this won’t be as easy a task. Especially with Siemian still recuperating.

The end result is it puts Lynch in the driver’s seat. With Lynch’s physical talents, it will be up to Siemian to catch up. There is an assumption that Siemian will grasp the new playbook quicker, but implementing it with the skills needed, is a different story.

Head Coach Vance Jospeh and McCoy have both said they want to play fast and score points. This is not what a West Coast Offense does, the style that Simian was adept at. That style is good for quarterbacks with weaker arms and game manager type skills. Short passes.

In the two and half games that Lynch played in, with the same game plan as Siemian, he chose tougher throws – to the center of the field and in the intermediate range. This is quicker than ‘dink and dunk’.

QB Intermediate throws

It generally sets up the run through the pass. It pushes defenders back, resulting in less players at the line to stop the run. Knowshon Mareno had as many rushing yards in 2013 under Manning’s aerial attack, as our entire team did under Kubiak’s old school WCO.

The quick, short passes to the left, with only three deep passes a game, doesn’t help move a game quickly or score a lot of points.

Based on McCoy’s history, it’s a good bet he’ll want to use Lynch’s arm, superb scrambling skills and naturally aggressive style to attack the field. This leaves Trevor having to up his game.

It once was said that it’s easier to reel in a quarterback than push one out. Elway recently quipped that a quarterback can improve his accuracy, but not his arm strength.

Accuracy comes through balance, which comes through the feet. While Siemian spent the last few months in rehab, Lynch was in Florida working on his feet and watching game film.

He’s now in Denver getting reacclimated to the altitude, reconnecting with teammates and one can guess, using the film room. The table has been set for Lynch to take advantage of the coaches installed. The time is here for Lynch to take the reins.

7 thoughts on “Romo retires, Paxton Lynch becomes front runner

  • April 4, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    At the end of the day the QB battle will be won in training camp. I still say he’s a year away but with a new coaching stuff we should give him a shot imo

    • April 4, 2017 at 10:25 pm

      Before Trevor started, he had a year to learn the playbook. He’s now at square one, so his advantage left, along with the three coaches who pushed him to play. If Trevor had shown, at all, any growth, I’d give him an advantage, but he didn’t. The same mistakes from week 1 were still evident week 17. He just can’t read a defense or go through his progressions. Plus, his passes lack velocity, that’s why so many had defenders touching them. That’s a big issue. His arm strength isn’t going to improve. May be why Kubes had him throw so many short passes, knew the farther they went, the slower they got.

      • April 5, 2017 at 8:52 am

        They didn’t push for Trevor to play! They went out and signed Mark Sanchez lol
        And as far as advantages goes both guys has their pros and cons. Trevor has durability issues but has the team behind him. Paxton has Elway behind him but doesn’t have the experience. And as far as Trevor arm goes he has plenty arm to play the position. Thats just straight up belittling the guy😒

        • April 5, 2017 at 10:11 pm

          His passes beyond ten yards lack zip. Go watch some old game film. Watch how long it takes his passes to get where they’re going. He can throw deep, but takes a while.

          • April 5, 2017 at 11:03 pm

            Peyton’s deep ball took awhile! Look the only thing a stronger arm helps with is fitting it in tighter windows. In to be really honest I rather have a QB with a lesser arm. Its keep them from relying on the strength of their arm rather then reading the defense. (i.e. Culter)

          • April 5, 2017 at 11:11 pm

            My favorite QB styles have been Elway, Marino, Farve, Rivers, Winston…so, guess which of our two current QB’s style I like best? The only thing I like about Trevor’s skill set is he doesn’t rattle and while his passes lack zip, they are pretty. He is as exciting as Kyle Orton, to me. I’ll take a few extra interceptions if in return I get some fire and pizazz. Lynch made the right choices almost every time. He can read a defense and he can go through three reads. The rest he’ll get with experience. FYI, Elway, for the first time will be a part of who starts. If it’s Trevor then we have a HUGE PROBLEM. I don’t even want to think about how huge.

  • April 6, 2017 at 2:50 pm

    Kyle Orton?!?!? Wow thats a low blow. I guess you didn’t watch the Atlanta falcons game. He was so lost the coach had to stay in a hospital

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