Will Broncos Country accept Joe Mixon?

I personally don’t know where I stand on Mixon. I’d welcome his talent in a heartbeat. As a female, my gut cringes from that video. Was it a one time occurrence or foreshadowing of a doomed future?

While there is no excuse for his actions, there may be a biological reason that’s just as frightening. One we will see more of.

I’d like to know if Mixon is just a scum bag or a product of this generation.

What do I mean by that?

Before I continue, let me say that, for the sake of space, that what follows is not ‘all’. I’m writing about the majority. The rule, not the exception. If it suits you mentally to insert a, ‘usually,’ in any sentence you feel is too stereotypical, please do so.

So, I’m going to delve into a topic most people want to ignore.

Men have and will always hit women. They hit each other, too. The human species is alive and kicking because men are aggressive. Despite what many women say, the facts show that deep in their lizard brain, women choose men who have dominant traits. Whether it’s money, power, influence, muscles or exceedingly good looks, women are drawn to ‘maleness’. This doesn’t mean women want to be hit or abused, only that too often the more aggressive a male is, the higher the chances he does cross the line from, bad boy, to bad news.

It’s instinct for women to be attracted to bad boys. The tough guys, the barely socialized guys. The lizard brain sees powerful men as good providers and protectors and breed the same. It is what it is. Just like men go for the prettiest they can get. The human mind makes a decision in 10 seconds if you’re mate worthy or not. That’s not usually decided by witty banter, but by instant impressions.

Football players’ nectar that attracts the honies isn’t because of their mental prowess, it’s their masculinity, fame and sometimes fortune. The NFL is king of the bee hives. A real hub for attracting everyone who wants a taste. In the case of sports where aggression is a valued trait, we sometimes see cases of aggression by players against women. It’s a no-brainer why the two go hand in hand.

In the past, it was ok for husbands to slap or spank their wives. Beatings were never ok. Women were seen as a step above children; therefore, some form of discipline that even included some physical punishment, was acceptable.

This did not apply to any woman not your wife. It was a rule taught that women outside your ‘ownership’ were not to be touched. If a man was disrespectful, it was acceptable for a woman to slap him once and he took it. Both parties walked away.

Over the last fifty years, or three generations, that has been changed. It’s now a crime for a husband to hurt his wife. It’s now a crime if a female hits a man. Heck, it’s now a crime if two men duke it out.

The problem that young males may be facing is women being aggressive. Women boxers, women football players, women kick boxers. Two generations of females being taught to be males. This has resulted in a surge of women in jail.

Young men are now growing up with women acting like typical males.. Until recently, females didn’t engage males in confrontations. They didn’t go toe to toe in arguments, didn’t spit on them, push them, on engage in ‘male behavior’.

This leaves males in a tough spot. On one hand they’re told to treat women with respect, while they receive none in return. They’re told not to hit women, while women hit each other and hit men. They’re told there is one set of rules for females and another set for males.

Females want to be males, but be treated like precious china. Males are told to no longer be males. They get in trouble for making swords in school, for drawing guns, for playing dodge ball, for writing stories that are violent.

We are taking away all avenues for boys to be boys, while encouraging girls to be the very thing they’re trying to erase from boys. You go girl! Shame on you, boy. It leaves very few places where boys can release their natural aggression. It’s being bottled up inside or shamed when released.

This begs the question: if males are genetically programmed to be aggressive, to be protectors, to be warriors and are confronted by females acting like males, how often do their instincts take over? They don’t see a female, but a threat, devoid of sex. Their initial response is fight rather than flight because the aggressor’s sex has been erased.

We see more and more videos of young males hitting women in retaliation. We see females attacking males every single day. We see girls beating the snot out of other girls. We see downright animalistic behavior that is far from being the ‘weaker sex’. The nurturing sex. The needs protecting sex. And more into the, protect me from, sex.

Go through a web site with mug shots. Notice how many have women arrested for domestic disturbance or violence? This indicates that the female was actively engaged in aggressive or violent behavior necessitating police involvement. Our young men our growing up around this. Maybe their mother, sister, girlfriend Is guilty. How does their skew their world view on women?

I’m not excusing Joe Mixon’s behavior. Or Ray Rice. It was BAD. It was Appalling. Nor am I excusing any case of football players engaging in acts of violence against women. I’m merely questioning how often are these males, who play a sport that glorifies violence and aggression, that specifically seeks out males who exhibit it, losing control because they no longer see females as females?

They see combatants before their rational mind takes over. That’s what I’d like to know about Mixon. How does he see women? Is he a guy that with some classes on anger management could help? Did he see that female as a female or as a guy? Can he be taught to channel his anger? Male or female, what he did was bad. He’s a big guy who sucker punched someone weaker than him. Even if he viewed her as a he, it was still BAD. It showed he has a problem controlling his anger. The question is, is it fixable? Does he, or has he already, done something about it?

I believe we’re going to see more, not less, of instances of males reacting to aggressive females in a violent way. More and more children are being raised without fathers teaching their sons how to treat women. More and more children are being raised on the street because there’s no father and mom works two jobs. The streets are called, Mean, for a reason.

In schools across the country, from the playground on, males are now told to be girls, to act like girls, while girls are encouraged not to be ladies, but to be bad asses. That equality is no longer about equal rights, but equal behavior. If it’s ok for a male to have fifty sex partners, it’s ok for girls. If guys can beat each other up, so can girls. If guys use foul language, so can girls. Tell girls to pose nude, but don’t expect males to treat them like objects.

I’m glad I’m not a male in today’s world, because it seems the only outlet where it’s ok for them to be males, is in a sport. Even then, they get penalized for excessive celebration. Eye roll.

Is Joe Mixon an option in Denver? Would I freak out if John Elway drafted him? It would depend on the Denver Broncos. Does John Elway determine that Mixon is a product of a generation no longer seeing females as special, no longer wanting to be treated like ladies since that word seems to be a term from the past? Has he been going to anger management classes? Is he remorseful? As I wrote above, it’s still an issue, male or female. However, with the right circumstances, I’m ok with a second chance.

Bobby Bowden used to tell the moms of his players that he’d treat them like his own sons. It’s why he often gave second chances. He said because he himself had sons and if they messed up, he’d hope someone would give his son a second chance. He also said, for too many of his players, the coaches were the only dads they knew, FSU became their family. It was a responsibility he didn’t take likely.

If Mixon is just a bully, who knew what he was doing, who likes hurting and intimidating the weak, count me out. That’s on level with torturing animals and abusing helpless children.

John Elway and his locker room are a good fit for a damaged good to take advantage of an incredible chance. If Elway passes on his incredible talent, there’s a good reason. If he takes him, then I’m assuming the franchise has done their due diligence. No matter his choice, In Elway I trust. Does Broncos Country feel the same way?

4 thoughts on “Will Broncos Country accept Joe Mixon?

  • April 6, 2017 at 9:32 am

    I wouldn’t like it cause the draft is deep for RBs but with that said if Elways decides to pick him I would welcome him like any other bronco.

    • April 6, 2017 at 2:28 pm

      the draft isn’t deep for his skill set. There’s him and Dalvin Cook. And TB isn’t going to pass on Cook IF he’s still there. With what went down with Doug Martin and having Jameis, Cook is the perfect fit. That’s it. Then there’s the next tier guys and we NEED a powerback with vision and can catch, PLUS PLUS PLUS played in a conference with stout defenses. That’s why McCaffrey isn’t in this group. The PAC-12 just isn’t the same caliber as the ACC, SEC and BIG-10. He’d have a slot in the big teams in those conferences. That leaves Mixon. He’ll be gone by the time we pick in the second.
      I WANT A POWERBACK. Right now, our entire offense is crap without one. Don’t care if Elway at 25 came back. Without a run game, we’re toast. And continuing on with almost, but not there, RB’s has to stop.

      • April 6, 2017 at 4:35 pm

        You forgot Forneutte and D’onta Foreman deserves to be mentioned also. If his team won last team he’ll be a first rounder.

        • April 6, 2017 at 5:01 pm

          I didn’t mention Leonard because he’l be long gone by 20. Foreman is in my second tier. He has issues that I’m not sure can be fixed.

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